Verification of items

Each item is verified by Macan.

Buy from Macan with confidence knowing that every item is verified by Macan. "Verified by Macan" is our own designation and is not endorsed by any brands sold on Macan.

Trust the process

Our team of experts uses a rigorous multi-step verification process.


Macan is committed to fighting counterfeits and fraud on our platform. We remain one of the few marketplaces to commit to physically reviewing 100% of items that pass through our platform.


From the full list of accessories to all the added extras, rest assured that your purchase on Macan will match an in-store shopping experience.


Just as important as the product itself, our team ensures that the packaging meets the highest quality standards to deliver a brand new product.

Quality assurance

The final step in our verification process, our quality assurance experts ensure that the product meets our rigorous standards.