Used or refurbished: what are the differences?


Refurbished and used can easily be confused. However, there is a big difference between the two. We explain to you.

Used vs. refurbished

Refurbished, used, second hand... not easy to navigate. More than a matter of spelling, there are many important differences between a used item and its refurbished version.

Where a used item is sold to you "as is", a refurbished item has been tested on all of its features and, if necessary, has been repaired to restore its full functionality.



What to expect when buying a used item?

Buying "used" or "second hand" items means that you are buying the item as is, as the previous owner left it. Stained item? Damaged shoes? Everything is here. The seller will probably tell you that everything works. But impossible to be really sure before having the article in hand.

You will also not know if the authenticity of the item is valid. The lack of security checks on second-hand clothing products is a proven problem.



The definition of refurbished.

What is refurbished? Does refurbished mean used? Technically yes, all refurbished items have been used. But they do not change hands directly. Imagine this previously used article again, and give it a real facelift: technicians have stitched it up, erased its main aesthetic defects and even replaced certain parts that were no longer up to standard. Cracked fabric? Stitched up. Damaged sneakers sole? Replaced. Grooves ? More polished than grandpa's silverware.

It is this type of article that you will find on Macan.



Refurbished with Macan sauce: guaranteeing quality.

So far, we were talking about refurbished in general. But how is it going… at Macan? Without wanting to throw flowers at us (but a little anyway), we are very strict about quality. This is why we have implemented our own rules and control procedures for all items sold on our site.

Items are subject to control procedures to ensure their quality and authenticity.

Finally, our innovation laboratory, at the heart of these operations, develops new reconditioning processes that regularly end up establishing themselves as new industrial standards in the sector.



Bonus: we tell you why refurbished also has advantages over new.

Did you know that refurbished also has advantages over new? When you buy an item from Macan, not only do you get an item as qualitative as new for a price lower than the price of the new product, but your environmental impact is also reduced. Its reconditioning uses much less water and raw materials while generating less environmental waste. So it's official, the refurbished works perfectly, emits less carbon and consumes less water.

Now that you know the difference between refurbished and used, you're ready to take the plunge.